Mini Air Conditioning Unit

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Mini Air Conditioning Conditioner Unit Fan Portable Low Noise Home Cooler


100% Brand New and high quality
Material: ABS+PC
Weight: 1.1KG
Size: 17*16*14.5cm
Wind Speed: 3 models(High/Medium/Low)
Power: 10W
Power interface: USB/5V/2.1A
Spray Time: 6-8 hours
Water Tank Capacity: 750ml

Working principle:

There is a water tank on the right side of this air conditioner fan. It can add water or ice water mixture or other aromatherapy liquid.
There is a small hole at the bottom of the water tank to link the bottom of the machine.
The water in the water tank is sucked up by the water absorption sheet. The water is soaked.
When the exhaust fan is started, the water from the absorbent sheet passes through the cooler and is then taken out with the wind, making people feel cool.

Note :

1. Keep the small personal air cooler balance, don't tilt it when working
2. Add pure water or household tap water, to avoid affecting the cooling function
3. Adding 3/4 Water in the Tank is the best, Do Not Full Filled
4. Please run out of the water every time, to prevent the water tank left some scale
5. Use Cup brush or toothbrush clean the water tank once a week, keep clean and healthy

Package includes:

1 x Air Cooler
1 x USB Power Cable
1 x User Manual

Package Include:
1 x Air Cooler||1 x USB Power Cable||1 x User Manual