Start With Who Workshop Certification Course for Marketing, Sales and Business Professionals

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Four-hour Interactive Workshop Certification Course by W. Craig Reed, New York Times bestselling author of the book START WITH WHO.

Learn how to Start with Who and receive a certificate for course completion to accelerate your career in business, marketing, product marketing, sales, or sales enablement. 

The London School of Business says proper storytelling can increase retention and reaction by 1400%. One color change by Yahoo improved clicks by 30%. One image change by a leading brand doubled conversion rates. Aligning to sales frameworks has improved sales enablement effectiveness by 3X. Neuromarketing is skyrocketing at dozens of firms, but seldom used by most product marketers. Everyone wants to tell great stories, but few know how to use a 3-Act Play framework in a white paper or on a webpage. How have PMMs leveraged science and storytelling to drive dramatic improvements in views, clicks, and lead conversion rates? W. Craig Reed is a New York Times bestselling author with a Harvard University Neuroscience Certification. Reed was the co-founder of a successful PMM agency with clients including Booz Allen, Cisco, HP, Oracle, and Visa. In this interactive live four-hour course, Reed reveals actual case studies to show how a new approach to blending science, storytelling, and sales framework alignment can propel product marketing results to new levels. You'll learn about:

  • Aristotle's Persuasion Model to persuade anyone
  • Triune Brain neuroscience to balance value propositions
  • 3-Act Play storytelling elements to increase retention by 1400%
  • Sales framework alignment to ensure sales team adoption
  • Teaching prospects by leveraging the educational 4MAT 4STORY framework
  • Colors, tones, copy, graphics, pacing, slides, bullets, and more to motivate action

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