Train Your Brain For Success: How A Healthy Brain Is The Key To Happiness And Success

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In this breakthrough book, Dr. German Garcia-Fresco, director of the Adaptive Neuroscience Research Institute, shows you how having a healthy brain will help you build the Three Pillars of Life: health, relationships, and wealth. Your brain is an amazing gift, and its health is the key to achieving your goals. The roughly eighty billion neurons in your brain are intricately linked, forming trillions of connections. Acting together, they direct your life, and can lead you to success and happiness – but only if you choose. This eye-opening book reveals how we’re influenced by hormones, the drugs in our bloodstream, our feelings and emotions, and physical defects or imperfections in our brains, all of which affect our decisions. We have biases, we imagine threats that don’t exist, and we ignore threats that do exist. As we build our Three Pillars of Life, we need to constantly strive to put aside our preconceptions and biases and see life as it really is and not as we imagine it to be. The old saying, “You are what you eat” is no more true than with your brain. Dr. Fresco provides a practical path toward brain health with Dr. Fresco’s Plate, an easy-to-follow nutritional guide that will help keep you on a balanced diet and on track toward building your Three Pillars of Life, one delicious meal at a time.This practical and easy-to-read book leads you to the ultimate goal: the achievement of your Three Pillars of Life and a life of both happiness and meaning.