CraniumQuiz Neuroscience Based CareerQuotients Personality Profile Test

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Executive CraniumQuiz™ Neuroscience-Based CareerQuotients™ Personality Profile Test

The next generation beyond Myers-Briggs, BIG-5, DiSC, etc.


  • Optimal career & culture-fit insights from 10-minute visual test
  • Based on a decade of neuroscience research & field validation
  • Discover your CareerQuotients based on your "brain wiring"
  • What are your optimal career choices...and ones to avoid?
  • What are your strengths, weaknesses, tendencies & attribute scores?
  • What is your extroversion vs. introversion score?
  • What is your leadership situation and capabilities score?
  • What are your keyword preferences and why?
  • What is your optimal diet & fitness plan to feel, act & look your best?
  • Weekly Check-in & Check-up helps ensure optimal career performance
  • What are your stress, stamina, and wellness scores?
  • What's your remote/hybrid personality & why?
  • How can you better collaborate with colleagues on remote teams?
  • FREE Train Your Brain for Success eBook ($17 value)
  • 30-day Money Back Guarantee from a Veteran-Owned Business